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Using Android Device Manager, or Find My Android

We previously covered the Android Device Manager feature that was announced  by Google several months ago on our sister site groovyPost. But, since you come here to get your Android specific fix, we figured it would be a good idea to cover it, and what if anything has changed since we covered it back in […]

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Android KitKat

Upgrading to Android 4.4 KitKat

Google announced that it was rolling out its updated version of Android – 4.4 KitKat – for the Nexus line of products earlier this month. But it certainly took quite a while from the announcement to get it, for me anyway. Yesterday I finally found that it was available to install as an over-the-air upgrade. […]

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Commercial Break Helps You Watch TV Without Ads

If you like watching TV, but can’t stand commercials, Commercial Break is the app for you. The app uses unique algorithms 40 times per second to analyze cues in video and audio. By doing this, it can determine when commercial breaks end and regular programming resumes. That way, it can help you come back in […]

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Productivity Droid

Five Great Productivity Apps for Your Android Tablet

If you use your Android tablet for work and getting things done, these apps will help increase your productivity. They will also help you keep your data safer and get organized in a better fashion. Increase Productivity with Lookout Mobile Security You can’t be productive if your data isn’t secure. With the incredibly fast growth […]

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Digg App for Android

Digg for Android: How to Set it Up Import Feeds

Digg Reader for Android was recently released after being available on iOS for some time already. But how does it compare to our Feedly, and how do you transfer current RSS feeds to it? Here’s a look at setting up the new Digg app and transferring feeds over to it. Digg App Provides Clean News […]

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