Microsoft’s App Mirroring will Let Your Use Android Apps on Windows 10

Microsoft is embracing Android. You can already sync texts and photos, and soon will be able to run Android apps on Windows 10 with app mirroring.

Microsoft is no longer in the phone business and it killed off Windows Phone in 2017. But that doesn’t mean the company is done with the mobile market. Microsoft has a trove of apps on both iOS and Android. But its focus is primarily on Android because Apple’s iOS platform is a lot more locked down. There are several more Microsoft apps for Android and with Windows 10 version 1809, you can connect an Android device to sync texts and photos with the Your Phone app. And soon you will be able to use any Android app on Windows 10 with what the Microsoft is calling an App Mirroring feature.

Using Android Apps on Windows 10

Microsoft execs announced the new feature at its Microsoft Fall Event where it unveiled new Surface devices. In addition to the new devices, the new app mirroring feature was also announced. The new feature will allow you to see and interact with apps installed on your Android phone or tablet directly from your Windows 10 PC. Microsoft officials provided a demonstration on stage where a Windows 10 user was able to have a conversation with a friend on Snap chat without using the app on their phone. With the phone connected, you are able to share the app to your PC and use it directly from it.

Microsoft didn’t provide a date on when this new feature will roll out, but it doesn’t look like it will be until the next major feature update. At the time of this writing, the company is already having problems getting Windows 10 1809 out of the gate. However, you can already use the Your Phone app to sync texts and photos between your Android phone and Windows 10 PC. And the company has hinted that more features will be coming to the Your Phone app soon. So, in addition to app mirroring, we might see more Windows 10 and Android compatibility on the horizon.

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