How to Make Your Android “Forget” Saved Wi-Fi Hotspots

Android keeps a list of the Wi-Fi networks you connected to throughout the day. Here is how to make your Android device forget the ones you don’t need.

One of the helpful features of Android that makes connecting to wi-fi networks is saving them. Whenever you connect to a new Wi-Fi network, your phone or tablet devices saves it and commits it to memory. The idea is it will then seamlessly connect to that network whenever you are in range. While that is helpful, you might not always want to connect to some networks again. Here is how to make your android device “forget” the ones you no longer need or want.

Note: For this article, I am using an Android Nexus 6P running stock Android Oreo and things may vary a bit depending on your device and flavor of Android it is running. But this will give you a general idea of the settings and items to be looking for.

Make Android Forget Wi-Fi Hotspots

Android allows you to view all of the saved Wi-Fi networks you have connected to in the past. In addition to removing Wi-Fi hotspots, it is a good idea to review the list from time to time to make sure there aren’t any shady unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots from retail outlets and coffee joints lingering around. To view them, tap Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi > Saved Networks.

Tapping on one of the listed hotspots will show you the type of security it is using, which is good when deciding what you want to remove. If you know what it is and want to keep it, just tap the “Cancel” button. But to remove it, simply tap the “Forget” button. Once tapping “Forget” it will be removed from the list, and no longer connect to it automatically. Of course, if you need to reconnect at some point, you can.

And when you do connect to a public Wi-Fi network, definitely make sure you are using a VPN to ensure your traffic is staying secure.

Another thing you should consider is to use an alternate DNS service for faster speeds and more secure browsing. It can be tedious to set up a VPN on Android, however, Cloudflare recently rolled out its secure DNS service which touts to be faster and more secure than the others on the market. And Cloudflare’s DNS app makes connecting to its service a one-tap process.

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