Control Your PC from Your Android Device with TeamViewer


Did you ever need to do something on a friend or family members PC, but all you had around was your Android tablet or smartphone? With the TeamViewer Android app you can easily hop on the PC remotely and take care of the problem.

TeamViewer for Android

First of all, install the TeamViewer app from the Google Play Store – you’ll also need to install the PC app that we covered previously.

Now, fire up the TeamViewer app on your PC – or tell the person whose computer you want to control to do so – and write down the ID and password under Allow Remote Control.

team viewer desktop app

Now, input the remote control ID into the Android app and establish your connection.

TeamViewer Android

In a few seconds, you’ll have full access to the other person’s desktop, and you’ll be able to perform a lot of tasks on it and hopefully fix whatever problem they’re having. The interface is built so you can control things easily and it can be quite useful if, like me, you have friends that always mess something up on their computers.

TeamViewer Android control

There’s even a list of gestures you can use to make things easier on a touchscreen, and it’s always accessible, should you forget them.

TeamViewer Android gestures

It also allows you to send commands to the PC, like you would with the desktop version, should a restart be necessary, for example. But the grooviest part, in my opinion, is that you can use a mouse via USB-On-The-Go (I taught you how to do that a while ago) in order to operate the PC just like you would if you were in front of it. This is extremely useful if, for example, you need to modify a file remotely, using a piece of software you only have on your PC.

TeamViewer Android send command

TeamViewer for Android is a useful piece of free software, and it can prove priceless in some situations.

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