HTC One Developer Edition Going Straight to Android 4.3 in September

Good news for those of you using the HTC One Developer Edition: instead of going through 4.2.2, your smartphone will make the jump straight to Android 4.3!

HTC One Developer Edition

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Now, bear in mind, this is not the Google Play Edition of the HTC One, the one running Vanilla Android; it’s the same HTC One with the exact same specs as the “normal” edition with a few essential differences.

  1. It has 64 GB of internal memory, it’s sold SIM-free and its bootloader is unlocked.
  2. It’s available through HTC America’s web shop at $649.99 and, just as the name says, it’s best suited for developers and those that like to tinker with their device more than the usual norm.

Now that we’ve got that explanation out of the way, The scoop regarding the device jumping straight to Android 4.3 comes directly from Jason Mackenzie himself, HTC’s Global Sales President and Head of America via his twitter account:

Mackenzie says that HTC wants its customers to enjoy a great experience when using their devices and 4.2.2 is a “minor update” so they have decided to upgrade users straight to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Further according to Jason it looks like the release should hit around September for the US and Canada including Droid DNA.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, that’s very good news.

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