Sony Expanding my Xperia Service Worldwide

Sony my Xperia is a service which allows users to find their smartphones, as well as perform a series of tasks on them, when said devices are lost or stolen, which will now be available worldwide.

my xperia

Sony had only made the service available in European Nordic countries, but the company has announced in a blog post that users of Xperia devices all over the world will have it at their disposal in the coming weeks.

The service may not be as complex as some alternatives that exist out there, but it is very tightly integrated with Xperia devices, making it a pretty good idea if you own one (or if you’ll buy the new Xperia Z Ultra). It allows you to see your phone’s location on a map at (where you also activate it), lock the phone remotely and ping a message with contact details, wipe the internal memory and SD car, as well as sound an alert. The latter works even if the phone is in silent mode, with the display locked. really simple – you activate the app in your phone’s settings and use Google ID to sign in to to access the central interface.

If you already have it on your Xperia phone, where it will come as an app that can be activated in settings, you can then go to the address of the service on your PC and activate it with the same Google account you’re using on the smartphone.

If you already have it on your Xperia phone, let us know how it works for you in a comment.

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