PC Benchmarking App PCMark is Coming to Android

PCMark is one of the most popular benchmarking apps for the PC – I could even say that it’s the one most people take into account the most. Well, it will get an Android version of its own, allowing you to see exactly what your device is capable of.


Futuremark, the company that makes the benchmarking tool, already has 3DMark available for the platform. However, 3DMark is a benchmarking tool that’s more into assessing the gaming performance of a certain device. PC Mark provides a better outlook of a device’s capabilities in everyday situations, which is what most users will be more interested in.

I’m assuming that, once the tool is ready, it will be available for free, just like 3DMark currently is. Just don’t imagine that you’ll be benchmarking your Android device using it anytime too soon – according to the press release on Futuremark’s website, the company is currently inviting manufacturers to join the development program, so it may take a while (but I personally hope it won’t be too long).

If you’re not an Android user (which I seriously doubt, considering where you’re reading this article), you should know that Windows RT and iOS versions are also in the works.

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