How to Use Your Android to Remote Control Amazon Fire TV

If you need a backup remote or just an easier way to type in your login creds on Fire TV, check out the Fire TV app for your Android phone or tablet.

While the Voice Remote for Fire TV does a good job controlling the device, when you lose or misplace it, it can be quite annoying. Sure, you could use your Amazon Echo and Alexa for hands-free control, if you have an Echo device within earshot that is. Still, even that experience is clunky at best. The cool thing is there is a Fire TV Remote app for Android that you can use if the need arises. The app includes playback controls, the ability to use Alexa for voice search, and an onscreen keyboard for simple text entry. It will not, however, work with any games.

Use Fire TV Remote App for Android

First, download the Amazon Fire TV Remote app from Google Play to your phone or tablet. Note that your router needs to be Multicast-enabled and should work with any generation Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Launch the app and find the Fire TV you want to control and enter the PIN that shows up on the screen to complete the connection.

Fire TV Remote App Android

Then you can swipe on your screen and tap the remote buttons to navigate the Fire TV interface. Swipe down and hold the mic button at the top to use voice search. You can also bring up a grid of icons for the apps you have installed. Just tap the one you want to launch, and it will open up directly to it.

Using Android Fire TV Remote App

Similar to remote apps for other devices, you might end up preferring the app on your phone versus the physical remote that comes with it. For example, I own an Apple TV and prefer the Apple Remote app to navigate its interface a lot more than the poorly designed Siri Remote. Even Roku has a remote app for mobile that comes in handy if you need it. The best thing about this and other remote apps is the ability to use your phone’s onscreen keyboard to type in login info for the various services you subscribe to. It makes it so much easier than having to hunt and peck with the traditional remotes.

Do you use a remote app for Fire TV or other set-top boxes in your home? Leave a comment below and let us know your set up.

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