TRIM Support Added in Android 4.3 Making Devices Less Sluggish

Android 4.3 seems to solve a problem that many users have been complaining about, especially users of the previous Nexus 7 users. The tablet was notorious for degraded performance over time. And it now supports TRIM for the flash storage in the tablet.

Nexus 7 Android 4.3 TRIM

TRIM Added to Nexus 7

When a large file was copied to the tablet, then deleted, the deletion was sometimes not known to the storage unit, which would treat the respective space as filled with data. TRIM is a technology that makes sure that the storage and the file system communicate properly.

AnandTech has looked into the matter, managing to confirm that Android 4.3 (which runs on the new Nexus 7 out of the box) supports TRIM, which should ensure the fact that your tablet won’t become sluggish after being used for a while. Devices running Android 4.3 (or updated to it) will benefit from this directly and, at least from this point of view, performance won’t decrease over time.

That is why, if you’re using, for example, the old Nexus 7, like I am, there is a significant chance that you’ll notice the tablet becoming snappier right after you get it updated to Android 4.3 (which should happen for you as we speak, if it hasn’t already).

If you haven’t received the update already, go to Settings, then About tablet and then System updates. You’ll be able to check if it’s available for you and then install it.

Android 4.3 update

After you’ve updated to Android 4.3, you don’t really have to do anything to use this, as Android will do its own waste management. Maintenance will be done once every 24 hours, after one hour of inactivity, provided your battery is at over 80% (or 30% if the device is charging).

Now, I don’t know about others, but I kind of feel like I got my old tablet back, and, as far as I can see, the problem has been solved. If you get the new Nexus second generation, you’re not going to notice a huge improvement in performance right away. But owners of the first model should notice a much snappier tablet or phone!

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