Google+ Android App Gets Updated with New Features

The Google+ Android App has received a whole lot of interesting new features in a new update, which should be rolling out to users soon.

Google’s Vice-president of Engineering for Google+, Dave Besbris has announced the new features in a post on his Google+ account.

Google  update

Auto Awesome Galore!

Auto Awesome seems to be an essential part of the Google+ strategy, since the new update adds some new features in that direction. Namely, the feature can now create travelogues out of photos and videos you’ve taken when going on a trip. Of course, it does so automatically, without any effort necessary on your part. This can be great especially if you always take lots of pictures on your trips, but never get around to organizing them. Check out an example here.

On the same front, Auto Awesome movies have been made available on Android, iOS and the web, so expect some cool movies in your account one of these days. I’ve noticed some cool ones in my account already!

A new button is said to appear in the app, which will allow you to play around with your images even more – you’ll be able to create animated GIFs and photobooth-style images. We’ll talk about this feature more in the future.

Some more updates in the photo library area: first of all, “really big” photo libraries are supported, for quicker access; then, photo libraries can now be browsed by date.

Remember that profile views count? It will start showing views for both Android and the web.

Some smaller updates have been made to the navigation menu, sharing content, as well the app menu design.

All in all, an interesting update, with a lot of interesting features. As always with Google, the rollout shouldn’t take too long.

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