Reduce Data Use of Google Play Music on Android

The Google Play Music Android app is a great way to stream music and discover new artists, but it can also take a serious bite out of your data allowance (especially if you have a limited one). Luckily, you can reduce streaming data use.

Google Play Music data use

In the Google Play Music app’s main interface tap Settings.

Google Play Music data use settings

Now, scroll down to Streaming. If you want (especially if you have a very limited data package), you can set the app to Stream via WiFi only, but that will limit your use quite a bit. If you still want to use the mobile network, but want to reduce data usage, click Mobile networks stream quality.

Google Play Music data use streaming

On the menu that comes up, select a lower quality stream. Depending on how good your ear is, you may not notice much of a difference. Or if you’re busy and on the go, higher quality might not matter as much.

Google Play Music data use quality

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