How to Find What Google Home Can Do with Assistant Apps

If you’re a new owner of a Google Home smart speaker, here is a look at how you can easily find everything it can do.

So, you have your first Google Home speaker and have figured out how to ask it for the time or current temperature, but where do you find what else it can do? For Alexa on Echo devices, Amazon calls them Skills and the company touts it has over 30,000 Alexa Skills available. While Google Home may not have as many, it does own a catalog of third-party apps with various abilities. Here is a look at where to find them and decide what works best for you.

Google Home Assistant Apps

While finding Assistant apps for Google Home used to be tedious because everything was unorganized, the company has done a great job of cleaning things up. On your phone or tablet, launch the Google Home app and tap the hamburger menu and then Explore. The Google Assistant app will open and that’s where you’ll find suggestions of what you can ask Google Home, find trending and new abilities, and find all categories you can browse.

Assistant App Abilities

Not only are you able to find Assistant apps via your mobile device, you can also use the web while you’re using a computer. Open your browser and head to There you can browse through all the available categories and learn what you can ask your Google Home to do.

You can, of course, link services to your Google Home that aren’t from Google like YouTube or Google Music. Find your Google Home speaker from the Devices list and go to Device Settings and choose More and under Services section, go through and link the ones you use such as news sources, music services like Pandora or Spotify, and other smart home devices like your Nest thermostat or Phillips Hue lights.

Google Home Device Settings

If you’re a new owner of the Google Home smart speaker, make sure to check out other things you can do like making phone calls, buy and listen to audiobooks, and more tips to get started using it.

What are some of your favorite assistant apps for Google Home? Leave a comment below and let us know your suggestions.

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