How To Manually Check for Updates on Google Pixel Smartphones

If you’re an Android user, a benefit of being a Google Pixel owner is you get security updates first. If you want to stay on top of things, here’s how to manually check for them.

Constant updates are one of the best things about an official Google Pixel phone. Compared with other Android manufacturers, Google Pixel users are receiving the latest software regularly on a monthly basis — around the 5th of the month. Other brands, unfortunately, tend to roll out the updates at a slower pace. While you should be set to receive the updates automatically, you might like to stay on top of things. If so, here is how to manually check for the latest updates for your Pixel smartphone.

Note: For this article, we are using a Google Pixel 3, but the steps are virtually the same for older versions of Pixel phones and tablets.

Benefits of Constant Updates

While users of other brands of Android handsets are at the hand of the manufacturer when it comes to updates, Google makes it a point of always keeping its users on the latest software, at least for the first two years.

This policy has been very positive, especially for the security of the device. This means that, in addition to the benefits of Google Play Protect, you’ll have a secure device, that’s not prone to a lot of the threats out in the wild.

Also, if a feature needs to be upgraded or improved, it is included in the latest updates. And at times there will be the what is called an urgent update. Bottom line, updates are important and you should always keep your phone or tablet up-to-date.

How To Check for Updates

Again, it’s best to check for new updates around the 5th of the month. In order to do so, start by going to Settings, then tap System. 

Then, after expanding the Advanced section, tap System update.

You will see a screen where you can do exactly what you’re there for, namely to Check for updates. Once you have tapped that, the phone will check and, if an update is available, you will be able to install it.

Google Pixel check for update

You can always pause the installation if you need to use your phone — remember it will reboot to complete the installation process. System and incremental updates come the exact same way — Android 9.1 or a full-on new version like Android Q.

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